going for the gold
Salvatore Lauretta started his career with a goal that seemed unattainable, to be the best.
After two decades of competing around the world, and winning numerous gold medals, Salvatore was accepted to the United States Olympic team. Salvatore and his team members, not only strived for the gold during the 2002 Olympics, but attained it. Salvatore realized he met his goal when he was awarded the title of world champion.
In addition to his commitment to competition, Salvatore has dedicated himself to his salon, his staff and his customers. LAMODA World Class Hair Salon has been creating images for their customers since 1989. The fine staff at LAMODA stays on the cutting edge of technology by performing state-of-the-art techniques through the compassionate leadership of Salvatore Lauretta.
Everyone at LAMODA prides themselves in doing high-end fashion work and creating an upscale image that is custom tailored to your personal needs. We take you beyond your expectations.
Our philosophy has always been our dedication to the art of beauty enhancement and our complete commitment to keep bringing you, the customer, the ultimate solutions in hair.
Lamoda world class hair salon, taking you beyond.
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